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About Usability Testing Exchange

What is this?

Here at Usability Testing Exchange, you exchange usability testing with others. Some people will do usability testing of your website/app. And you usability test other people's websites/apps, in exchange.

("Usability Testing" is when you let someone use your website/app, and learn about what problems s/he runs into. Then you'll know which parts of your website/app needs to be improved, to get a better conversion rate / customer retention / whatever.)

Differences from "normal" usability testing

Usually one does usability testing by looking at a user in real life, or by looking at a screencast he/she recorded when he/she was using your website/app. Here at Usability Testing Exchange, however, people write feedback & thoughts to you in text instead.

We currently do no demographic matching. That is, the ones that usability test your website, might (unfortunately) not be a typical customer/user of your website.


Why are we (well, I) building Usability Testing Exchange? Because 1) it's a bit fun, and 2) in order to promote something else I'm building, namely Talkyard — which you can use, if you want to create a community for your website / app.


Me: (who started this project)

My name is Kaj Magnus Lindberg and I was looking for usability testing websites, but everything was so expensive, like $100 for one single video. So I thought perhaps for some people, it makes more sense to exchange UX testing help for free.

Source Code

Usability Testing Exchange is open source, built on a discussion platform named Talkyard.