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Free UX Testing and Design Feedback places

At the places listed below, you can get free feedback about your website/app design and usability (UX), and sometimes about the underlying business idea. I think this is the most comprehensive list you can find — and if something is missing, pleas post a comment and tell me.

Usability Testing Exchange

That's this website. Go to the homepage. You'll get back as much feedback as you give to others, counted in characters ( & Math.log).


Reddit is a place where about 30 million people meet online and talk about different things. At Reddit, there are sub-communities, called "subreddits", some of them about design and UX feedback:

  • /r/design_critiques — Post a topic and get feedback about your design.
  • r/web_design/ — You can ask for feedback in the Feedback Friday weekly topic.
  • /r/SideProject — Feedback about your design, UX and overall idea.
  • /r/AlphaandBetausers — Find people to test your web app. My impression is that 99999 people posts apps to be tested, but essentially no one has time to tests someone else's app. So I'd be surprised if you get any help from here.
  • /r/Startups — Feedback about your underlying idea, + perhaps also a bit about the design, if you post in the "Weekly Feedback and Support Thread" (example). There're also monthly share-your-startup threads, example.
  • r/growmybusiness/ — Apparently similar to /r/Startups above.
  • /r/RoastMyStartup — Feedback about your underlying idea. The people here, in RoastMyStartup, might have a bit negative pessimistic way of writing, in my experience.
  • /r/Entrepreneur

Hacker News and Designer News

Other web design places

Forums about marketing & business

Your title and tagline matters. You can go to a forum about business and marketing, and describe your business idea, and post your title & tagline, and ask for feedback. While you're there, help someone else too, in exchange :- )

Usability testing websites

Search the web for "Usability testing". You'll find lots of stuff, but everything is expensive (I think) — except for one:

  •, it's not free, but inexpensive (as of September 2017). I've used it, and it worked fine for me.

Freelancer portals

You can sign up at e.g. Upwork, and pay for someone to review your website for about an hour. Not free, but can be inexpensive. The freelancers might not want to tell you, though, if they think the whole thing you're doing is pointless.

Feedback exchange websites

There are ... were ... exchange-feedback / peer-review places, fairly similar to Usability Testing Exchange. All of them are gone now? People in general didn't seriously try to help each other. Instead, they posted spam, or copy-pasted the same useless one-line-feedback to everyone. Or sometimes they submitted their site, just to get a rel=follow backlink. Here're the alternatives I've found:

  • — I've gotten some useful feedback here, but often people seem to post the same generic one-liner to everyone. Seems it's gone now, has been offline for fairly long.

  • — has been shut down. One was supposed to get more feedback, if one gave more feedback. Didn't seem to work well to me, though — for example, I got back useless one-liner after having spent 15 minutes reviewing for someone else and written a few paragraphs.

  • — has been shut down. People didn't help each other. Many posted spam.

  • — despite the name, doesn't work as a feedback exchange (as far as I can tell). Instead, people ask for help, without helping others back. The website staff sometimes reviews and give feedback though. — Seems it's gone now.

You have more suggestions? Or corrections? Feel free to add a comment below.
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  1. U
    John Weidner @userbob
      2017-06-15 03:06:48.851Z comes to mind. It used to be all about exchanging feedback. But now I think they are trying to focus more on getting people to pay for feedback.

      1. K@KajMagnus
          2017-06-22 00:09:10.285Z

          Yes, they're ones who do the five-second-test: (right?) ... and I think that was free, in the past? However, when I click "make a test" today, seems one needs to pay money (unless one finds one's own testers).

          1. In reply touserbob:
              2017-09-11 07:28:44.030Z

              Hi again John, I just used to test a website, and I liked the feedback I got at UserBob, it helped me improve the website. I now linked to UserBob above, in the "Usability testing websites" section.

            • O
              In reply toKajMagnus:
              Paul Manwaring @outsprung
                2017-12-22 09:22:20.742Z

                Hi guys, my ux consultation service can be found over at I review sites UX and conversion and give feedback in the form of a screencast (so you can actually watch me browse your site). Also offer competition analysis and android app testing. If you want to include me in your list feel free :)

                I m actually writing an article on feedback sites and will be sure to include UTE

                1. L
                  In reply toKajMagnus:
                  Luca @lucapennisi
                    2018-02-23 17:55:41.480Z2018-02-23 19:17:08.975Z

                    I can suggest Free Feedback Tool. This is a widget that allows you to collect feedback directly from your websites and send them to your mailbox. It is completely free and customizable. You can ask your visitors whatever questions in whatever format.

                    1. P
                      In reply toKajMagnus:
                        2018-11-06 23:03:52.466Z

                        @KajMagnus @abrunger

                        Here's a list of feedback platforms and usability testing services that I've compiled over the past year. Hopefully it will be of some use to you, and feel free to add it to the 'Alternatives' page.

                        Kind regards,


                        1. SShawna @shawna
                            2019-06-27 22:21:43.401Z

                            Thanks for the shout out @Patrick. I work on the Helio team and we have a lot of options past our free service. The most powerful parts of Helio come from our team accounts. Additionally since this post was published we've added audio and video testing to our testing types.

                          • A
                            In reply toKajMagnus:
                            Armen @armen23
                              2021-12-22 10:23:40.503Z

                              Thanks For giving me the Information.
                              For more information you can visit:

                              1. J
                                In reply toKajMagnus:
                                jatin ojha @jkojha
                                  2022-06-27 06:27:39.338Z

                                  thannks for giving such a informative knowledge.